Adoptionplus DDP Nurturing Attachments Group Programme for LGBT+ Parents

Who is this group for?

This dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) therapeutic group programme provides a unique and tailored specialist provision to support LGBT parents caring for adopted children with a history of relational and developmental trauma.

DDP brings together attachment theory, developmental trauma and the neurobiology of trauma in order to help children and families with their relationships.

With the guidance of Adoptionplus therapeutic staff, this programme supports group members in exploring how to manage challenging behaviours while maintaining a DDP attitude of playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy (PACE).


The aims of this programme are:

  • To provide a bespoke therapeutic DDP group programme for LGBT+ parents, led by LGBT+ DDP trained therapeutic staff.
  • To support parents to develop a DDP approach in their care of their children.To reduce parenting stress and promote compassion.
  • To increase understanding of the children and their behavioural and emotional needs.
  • To explore ways of applying this understanding to the parenting of adopted children.
  • To increase the skill and confidence of parents during what can be a very stressful time.
  • To provide support to parents who can feel very isolated caring for young people with trauma and attachment insecurities.


What group attendees say about this DDP Nurturing Attachment Programme

“The group has been a lifeline and a great source of information”.

“I’m sure the help the group gave me helped to hold the placement together.  He is now very different to how he was in those days. His behaviour apart from a few minor blips is no more than I would expect from any 13 year old boy”.

“Gives confidence in what we are doing and strength to carry on.  Brilliant discussion and empathy with the group”.

“This session tonight has helped me to restore some faith in myself and what I am doing”.

“You can be really honest and say you are finding things tough and know that no-one is going to judge you for that”.


About the trainers

The programme is run by Adoptionplus, an Ofsted rated Outstanding VAA with a reputation for excellence in adoption support. The DDP team are experienced and skilled practitioners who receive specialist supervison from Rachel Staff author of Parenting Adopted Teenagers; Advice for the Adolescent Years and Dr Kim Golding author of the Nurturing Attachment Group Programme.


Dates and timings

Each group will run on Fridays on a weekly basis during term time, from 10am until 1.30pm starting November 2018 and running for 18 weeks. Exact dates to be confirmed. The group is held at Adoptionplus’ London office, The Pace Place, Weston Park, Crouch End, London N8 9TB.  Refreshments are provided.



The cost of this 18 week programme is £5,000 and comes within the Adoption Support Fund cap (ASF). If you would like to book a place on this programme and would like it to be funded by the ASF, once you have booked your place with us, you also need to contact your local authority to request they make an ASF application on your behalf. We are happy to liaise directly with your local authority in order to assist in your application.


To book a place please contact
If you have any questions regarding ASF funding please contact
If you have questions regarding the programme please contact

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