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Staff team

Trustee team

The staff team

Tor Docherty, Chief Executive

Riley Coles, Services & Family Membership Manager

Jamie Johnson, Agency Membership Manager

James Lawrence, Head of Communications & Engagement

Ric Lee-Marchelewski, Services Officer

To contact any member of the team please either call 020 3880 2683 or complete this form.

The trustee team

Dario Parente – Chair of Trustees (London)

Simon Mansfield-Sturgess – Vice Chair (East of England)

Barry Burland - Secretary (London)

Rory Argyle (Yorkshire)

Adam Barnes (East of England)

Fiona Blee (South East England)

Tara Cowen (London)

David Bradley Shaw (North Wales)

Matt Davies (London)

Yoni Ejo (North West)

Jackie Fernandez (East of England)

Suli Hampson (South East England)

Thomas Katsikoudis (South West England)

Richard Lawson (East of England)

Nigel Mackay (London)

Barnaby Walker (London)

Elaina Write (London)

To contact the trustee team please complete this form.

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