Practitioner & panel training

It is important for practitioners and panel members to be aware of the differences that LGBT people bring to adoption and fostering, in order that they can assess, prepare and support them effectively.

Several training providers work in this area, and we suggests those profiled on the left based on the feedback we receive from agencies.

If your agency subscribes to NFS, you are entitled to a 10% discount from the training providers listed here. To make use of this offer, please call 0843 2899457.

Please note, NFS is not responsible for this training, nor do we own any of the materials.

LGBT Professional Development Training

NFS is now able to provide a training package for your agency. Train your staff in how to recruit more LGBT parents and provide them with a higher level of service.

“Everyone should have this training”

We can offer 1 day, 1 1/2 day and 2 day courses – interactive and full of genuinely useful information that will influence the way you work with the LGBT community.

Please do contact us with any training enquiries.


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