Meet the family!

If you’re considering parenting, or are a practitioner, panel member, foster carer or birth family member, you might wonder what an LGBT headed family looks like.

The answer is, very much like any other family! Whatever beliefs some people may hold about LGBT people becoming parents, often the most striking thing when meeting a family is that it doesn’t seem very unusual after all. You can hear directly from LGBT adopters and also LGBT foster carers in a series of short films put together by our agency members, that welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans potential parents. And finally you can hear from some young people with LGBT foster carers or adoptive parents.

What do the children think?
In 2010, The Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge conducted interviews for Stonewall with 82 children and young people who have lesbian, gay or bisexual parents to learn more about their experiences both at home and at school. The study found that:

  • Very young children with gay parents tend not to see their families as being any different to those of their peers.
  • Many of the older children said they saw their families as special and different, but only because all families are special and different – though some felt that their families were a lot closer than other people’s families.
  • Children with gay parents like having gay parents and would not want things to change, but that sometimes they wish that other people were more accepting.

Different Families – a report on the experiences of children with lesbian and gay parents 

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