NFS family finding

As a service to our members and subscribing agencies, we make children’s profiles available to approved adopters and foster carers.

  • Submitted profiles are made available only to approved adopters and foster carers within our membership, and only when this has been confirmed by their agency.
  • The profiles are listed in a section of our website which is password protected and SSL encrypted.
  • Interest from prospective adopters and foster carers is expressed directly via the contact details on each submitted profile.
  • We do not hold profiles of prospective adopters and foster carers nor do we facilitate family-finding.


‘I’m an LGBT prospective adopter/foster carer member of NFS – how do I access the family-finding service?’

Members can view children’s profiles on application, subject to approval by their social worker.

To apply, please log-in to the members’ area and ensure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Update the “My journey” section to reflect the fact that you are family finding
  2. Go to “At a glance” and click the “Family finding” button
  3. Fill in the details on the form, and click “send” to request confirmation from your social worker


‘I work for an NFS member agency – how do I submit a child’s profile?’ 

  1. Please email the following information about each child / sibling group you wish to feature to :
    Your name, your email, your agency and the first name of the child/children
  2. Then include a short description e.g. Ben (3 years) is looking for a single person or couple to adopt him outside of the Greater Manchester area. For enquiries please contact (agency name) on 01256 463 867 or
  3. Then attach the profile of the child/children to the email and send it
  4. Once received, the profile will then be posted in the family-finding section of the members’ forum, normally within three or four days, and we’ll confirm to you when this has been done.
  • Please note: Agencies are currently unable to view the children’s profiles, nor the profiles of prospective adopters or foster carers. There is no agency log-in or password required for the process above. Only LGBT members who have been confirmed to us by their agency as family-finding are given access to the family-finding service.