What a great day!

These are extracts from a recent conversation on our message board:

Just a quick thank you for organising today’s meeting. It was a great day again, and the weather was perfect for the children to be able to play outside.  Marcus and I found it really useful to meet and talk with everyone there. We can learn so much from each other and this group is a vital support group for the issues which we face either going through the process, or indeed once children are in placement.

Looking forward to future meetings!


David and I wanted to say how much we enjoyed today. It was great meeting all the people we’ve spoken to today and just seeing how many people are around who have adopted successfully or are in the process of doing so. It was truly inspiring to meet you and to see the kids as well. We went down today with a few doubts about whether to go ahead with our own process, as we couldn’t somehow picture what our lives would be like with all the uncertainties surrounding this process, and after we left we had a chat and have decided to move forward with our home study. So thanks and well done to Andy and everyone else involved in organising it.


Our sentiments exactly guys, thanks for expressing them. We arrived late and left early, but it was great meeting the few people we did met, and it was so wonderful to see so many happy children, enjoying themselves and each other. And reading the litany of posts about panel approval and matching’s, it really is a great time for the group, and an inspiration for Anthony and me as we start out.  Thanks for sharing your joy and your wisdom.

Published in From our message board on October 23, 2008