Stockport’s unique support scheme for foster carers

Stockport is one of a number of authorities who are part of the Mockingbird scheme, which helps support local foster carers with their fostering placements.

The scheme brings together up to ten foster families – known as satellite carers – to form a constellation based around a single hub home. At the hub home specially trained carers provide support, understanding, friendship and respite to all of those in the ten foster homes.

In Stockport there are two hub homes run by Glenys and George and Louise and Ronnie who deliver Mockingbird to families in the town.

Hub carer Glenys says: ‘We’re delighted to be part of the Mockingbird model and supporting our Stockport families. Bringing together a number of foster families, Mockingbird helps to create an extended network of support, made up of like minded foster families who face the same ups and downs as one another.’

Louise says: ‘I’m so excited to be the latest recruit to deliver Mockingbird to families in Stockport. I personally have had experience of being part of a Mockingbird constellation family which is what encouraged me to take up the role.

‘I love everything about Stockport’s Mockingbird model; the way I was supported, the family model and the difference it makes to not just children and young people in care, but foster carers too…I’m excited to be able to support other families to be excellent foster carers in the same way that I’ve been supported.’

In Stockport, there are over 130 foster families offering short term, long term, specialist and parent and child schemes. But there’s a need to recruit, train and retain carers who will offer placements for children aged 0-18 and in particular children over the ages of 8 and brothers and sisters.  If you’re LGBT and live in Stockport then the agency is keen to hear from you.

It holds regular open evenings for people to find out more about the children who come into care, the different schemes and the training, support and financial payments it offers foster carers.

Get in touch by calling 0161 474 3400 or email to request an information pack, arrange a home visit or to attend an open evening. Or find out more online.

Published in Fostering focus Meet the agencies on July 16, 2018