Seeking NFS Trustee Nominations 2018

At the New Family Social AGM on Saturday 3 November, we will appoint trustees to our board. We’re now looking for nominations from our membership, for candidates to take part in an election that will run from 27 September – 11 October. Here’s what you need to know about trustee elections.

Trustees Stepping Down and the Election of Trustees

NFS is a company and a charity.  The company directors are also the trustees of the charity. We currently have vacancies for trustees and they will be elected through the following process.

  1. Seeking nominations – Nominations are open from midday 13 September and the deadline is Thursday 27 September at midday for all candidates to supply their supporting materials.
  2. Quizzing the candidates. Once  nominations close we’ll open a Q&A thread on the message board so NFS members can pose questions to all the candidates.  Candidates will post their answers on the thread.  We’ll open voting at the same time.
  3. Voting – Voting will also open on 27 September 2018 and members will be sent an email containing details of how to vote online. The poll will close at midday 11 October. We’ll then inform the existing trustees of the results and any new appointees on 26 October.  The names of the successful trustees will be announced at the AGM on 3 November where they will be formally elected.
  4. Existing directors resigning by rotation – The memorandum and articles – the document containing New Family Social’s rules – requires that at each annual general meeting one-third of the directors must retire from office but can stand for re-election.


Who can stand as a director?

Members who are LGBT+ current or prospective adopters or foster carers, or members who have been fostered or adopted by anyone who identifies as LGBT and supports the objectives of the charity.  For more information on eligibility please read ‘Who Can Be A Trustee’ on the website.


How do I nominate somebody to stand as a director?

We will need to be contacted via email from the member making the nomination giving the name of the person they wish to nominate, as well as an email from the person nominated outlining the details required if they wish to stand. These details are listed below.

The person standing will need to be aware that they are being nominated as a trustee of the charity and a director of the company. As such they will have a legal responsibility that links them to Companies House and Charities Commission. Find out more about the legal responsibilities on the website.


If you’re thinking of standing, here’s what you need to know…

  1. You’ll need at least one NFS member to nominate you. The person nominating can do so by emailing  – using ‘[Your name] – trustee nomination’ as the subject line
  2. You then need to email Tor at the same address giving your name, the name of the person who nominated you, a biography of around 100 words about yourself which will be published on the website and – if you’re happy to provide one – a photograph of yourself that’ll be published on the website.
Published in NFS news on September 13, 2018