Same-sex couple adopters – research request

Alison Sargeant – a Social Work masters student at Manchester Metropolitan University – is conducting a study into the experiences of same-sex couples who’ve completed an adoption assessment. The aims of the study are:

  • To explore the experiences of same-sex couples who have completed joint adoption assessment and adopted a child/children (with legal proceedings completed and adoption orders made)
  • To explore the challenges of being same-sex adoptive parents
  • Consider any recommendations for improving practice in the adoption assessments of same-sex couples

Alison chose to focus this study on the experiences of same-sex adopters because of both a personal and professional interest in this area. She completed a 70-day placement with a local authority adoption team focusing on the assessment and training of prospective adopters. During this placement, she worked with many same-sex couples at different stages of the adoption process, through to post-adoption support.

Full details of her study and contact details are on the ‘participants’ information sheet’, which is designed to help you decide whether you would like to take part.

All volunteers will be asked to meet with her for a one-off interview between May – June 2017, lasting approximately one hour. All interviews can be held at a date, time and location of your choosing. As Alison’s based in Manchester she can only facilitate face-to-face interviews in the North West, but can conduct Skype interviews for those outside her region.

For any further information – or to register your interest in participating – contact

Alison Sargeant, Social Work Student

T: 07908 692 929


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Published in Media & research requests on May 10, 2017