Howard Delmonte

Howard is a qualified group trainer and accredited BACP therapist and relationship therapist. He set up the Family and Couple Support Service at PACE in 2000.  He is now a freelance couple and family counsellor, in addition to his work in providing training to support to schools and social services around LGBT parenting issues.

Lesbian and Gay Adoption Training
The proposed day will explore the following issues for staff:

  1. Exploring family issues and how these may impact on lesbian, gay and bisexual clients. Ie various parenting roles/ gender assumptions and societal pressures
  2. Addressing family messages , attitudes, religious beliefs and philosophy,etc that may have been inherited by perspective clients.
  3. Focusing on Difference. How prejudice, ignorance and homophobia impacts on individuals. Particularly reflecting on the family, community, Media, Education system(ie clause 28), Government etc. We will also introduce the important notion of “ internalised homophobia”.
  4. Looking at family inherited “roles ”and their impact on individuals who may want to be adoptive parents. What is a father/ mother?
  5. Exploring various models of parenting ie co-parenting , couple parenting, single parenting.
  6. Introducing Lesbian and gay family map/exercise.
  7. The need to encourage just “Good enough parenting”.  Some lesbian and gay parents become stressed and exhausted due to their fear of not being ‘seen’ as good parents. Once explored a lot of this over compensating behaviour has been understood to be generated by internalised homophobia.
  • Some additional areas that participants have suggested will be included
  • Video footage of various LGB families for group discussion

Region: London, will travel
Cost: £400 / £600 + VAT for a half day / full day workshop respectively, plus travel expenses outside London
Contact Howard: E: M: 07879455861  T: 020 8348 8402