Who are the children?

Children are wonderful, resourceful, surprising, fun and resilient. The children who need to be fostered or adopted are termed “in care” – nearly all were removed from their birth parents who were unable to care for them properly.

These children’s experiences with their birth parents – or during their time in care – often means that they find moving to new parents difficult. They may struggle to understand and control their emotions. They may have also been affected by their mother’s use of drugs or alcohol.

These are some of the reasons that adopters and foster carers need to be so well prepared. The term ‘parenting-plus’ is sometimes used, to explain the additional knowledge, understanding, resourcefulness, determination and patience that is often required. The better understanding you have about the reasons that children are in care, the more the process of becoming an adopter or foster carer will make sense to you.

Above all, remember – they are just kids. You’ll read and hear a lot about the issues they face and it can be easy to lose sight of this. Whatever their experiences, they want to be loved, to feel secure, and to have fun.


The latest statistics for looked after children in England

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