What are the alternatives?

Adoption or fostering won’t be the right choice for everyone.

In the interests of the children needing homes, it’s vital that any new parent has the right attitude, resilience, stability and understanding to enable a childĀ to thrive. This is why agencies make such a thorough assessment of prospective adopters and foster carers – they know from experience what is needed.

It’s possible you may not meet these requirements – or that you aren’t prepared to go through the assessment and matching processes.

Depending on your motivation to become a parent you might also find another route is better for you. For example, for some people having a biological link to their child is very important.

The two organisation below offer a range of resources relating to the parenting options for LGBT people.

See the LGBT Foundation’s parenting resources

See Stonewall’s parenting resources

See We Are Family Magazine website and order their surrogacy supplement

New resources to suggest?