LGBT foster carers speak

What’s it really like for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in the UK who are foster carers? Find out from the people themselves, in these short films put together by some our agency members, who are all keen to welcome LGBT potential parents.

Not a film fan? You can also read real-life stories of LGBT foster carers online – why not check out stories from Nay & LizStewart & JamesKieran & Wayne or Rob & Bob.

Here, Jane & Sue from Nottingham share their story:


A male couple from Barnsley talk about their experiences of fostering here, alongside other foster carers:


Here a female couple share their story of fostering in Swansea:


Jim & Jemal who foster in Bexley share their story here:


Lisa & Andrea from Hampshire share their story here, alongside other foster carers (from 2m 19s):


Royce & Martin are short-term foster carers in Sheffield (from 1m 39s):