Documentaries on adoption and fostering

There are a number of documentaries you can watch online that explore the issues around adoption and foster care.

Filmed in Coventry, this documentary covers the search for an adoptive family for two sisters, decision making about the future of three children in care, and the story of a little boy whose foster parents want to adopt him but whose birth mother wants him back.

A Home For Maisie follows Maisie’s story; she has experienced two adoption breakdowns and is placed with a third, and final family. This documentary follows the family and Maisie as they go through therapy to keep the family together.

Love Is Not Enough is a series following the adoption process in the UK. It follows four families from the initial interview stage through to the placement and beyond.

Protecting Our Children follows social workers as they work with vulnerable families in their area.

Protecting Our Foster Kids explores the issues families and foster children face.