Several of our members are affected by HIV, and it needn’t be a barrier to adoption or fostering. You would need to find an agency that is prepared to openly and fairly assess your condition – not all practitioners may give you the same response.

Below is a medical advisor’s report from one of our members (with identifying information removed):

Medical Advisor Report
Prospective adopter

I have now had the opportunity to review the adult health report completed by the GP and also had an opportunity to read the letter from the Consultant Physician in HIV.

The prospective adopter was diagnosed with HIV 10 years ago, has remained complaint with medication and the consultant reports a CD4 of over 500 i.e. in the normal range. The CD4 is a good indicator for gauging the strengths of someone’s immune system and is helpful when considering if somebody is at risk of getting infections and normal CD4 is extremely reassuring.

In addition to this the viral load which is the best indicator of the level of HIV activity, the prospective adopter has been undetectable for several years, this indicates that the therapy is currently extremely successful and as the consultant points out the prognosis is excellent, certainly over several future decades indicating probable normal life expectancy.

The prospective adopter will continue to require long term monitoring of the HIV activity and the efficacy of treatment but we would not anticipate problems in relation to this.

The prospective adopter is otherwise well, a healthy BMI and no other identifying concerning issues on the medical report.

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