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Please could you share some examples of questions you were asked at approval panel?

Thanks, Anne
Hi Anne

As our approval panel was the month before our Civil Partnership ceremony, the panel were keen to find out what we were going to do with our surnames. There was also a question along the lines of how we would deal with authorities/social workers who could favour a Mummy/Daddy over a same-sex couple when considering us for a potential match.

There were some general questions on how we had arrived at the age range for a potential match.

Despite the nerves it was a very positive experience, and the panel did their best to put us at ease!

Hope that helps – and perhaps others can add to this?


When we went to our approval panel, they didn’t have any questions of real import for us – which is no bad thing.

So we were just asked “How did you find the process?” and “Do you have any questions for us?”

It was really just an excuse to see our faces I think. Our SWs said that, if they’re happy with everything in the Form F (which is the SWs job), this can often be the case.

By the way, we have different surnames despite being Civilly Partnered and this was never queried by our panel. SWs and IRO seemed perfectly happy with our decision to give our daughter one surname and the other’s surname as an additional “middle” name too – so it was no big issue for us at any stage.

Good luck!


Hi – We had questions about how we would get over our different ideas of raising children, and we just said we would discuss differences in private but always show a united front for the children. We were also asked why we were adopting and why we went for the age group we are going for. I have no contact with my family at all and that was never asked about. 1 member of the panel was a bit difficult and said that we have unresolved issues from our youth and how will we deal with those if having a child raised these issues. We tried to explain that we don’t have unresolved issues and everything that has happened to us made us who we are today. He didn’t seem happy with that answer but everything else was fine. We had a unanimous yes but they suggest we do more work on our transition from childhood to adulthood and make sure we can identify issues and be ready to deal with them. It was nerve racking but it did help that a member of the panel was one of the people who came to our preparation course so we sort of knew her already. Most of the panel made us feel welcome and put us at ease.

Hope this helps and good luck.  Paul

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