‘Outstanding across the board’ (Nexus Fostering)

Nexus Fostering has received its full report following an Ofsted inspection in October.

The report looks specifically at three areas of the agency’s work; overall experiences and progress of children and young people under its care, how well children and young people are helped and protected, and the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

Ofsted inspectors felt that:

‘[Children and young people] have a sense of normalcy, hope and optimism in their lives. They enjoy unwavering support from their foster carers, who have become their family, and they have a place to call their home.

The agency is unquestionably child focused. Whether you are a manager or staff member, the child or young person is at the heart of your practice.’

Agency staff, managers and leaders care about the children and young people as if they were their own. This approach is shared with the foster carers, who take deep pride in their children’s and young people’s achievements, as well as feeling genuine sorrow for their experiences of grief and loss. Foster carers praise staff and managers for the excellent support that they provide to them. Foster carers have access to 24-hour support, which, in turn, helps the children and young people placed with them.’


Director Grace Wyatt said:

‘We are so proud of these comments. They reflect the hard work and commitment of all our staff and foster carers. We will continue to work in this way, improve where we can, and ensure we are giving the young people in our care the best possible chance in life.’


The full report can be read on Nexus Fostering’s website

If you’re interested in fostering with an Ofsted outstanding agency and want to learn more, visit Nexus Fostering’s website and fill out their enquiry form for a call back, or call 0800 389 0143.

Published in Meet the agencies on November 28, 2018