Nexus Fostering Interview Greg and Lee About Foster Care


What are your names?

G: I am Greg, and I would describe myself as individual in my style and very sociable.

L: I am Lee and I enjoy cooking. I’m less sociable and I enjoy staying home and watching films. We both like family time, with our respective families, and spending time with our foster children.

How long have you been fostering, and how long have you been with Nexus Fostering?

G: We’ve been doing this for three years.

How many placements have you had?

L: We’ve had two different placements; 1 single child (9) and a placement of 4 children (16, 15,13 & 12).

We have also done two respite placements, one was a young sibling group and a single teenager.

What made you want to become foster carers?

G: We always wanted children in our lives. We had a spare room and time to give, so we went along to drop in event to find out about fostering.

What is your fondest memory from one of your placements?

L: There have been lots of memories! Taking the children to the seaside in Wales, the children seeing the ocean for the first time.

G: Or our first Christmas and seeing the children open their presents; they said they had never had presents at Christmas!

How do you think Nexus Fostering has supported you as foster carers, and specifically as carers in a same-sex relationship?

L: We feel well supported by Nexus Fostering. It’s nice, as we have developed relationships with our SSW (Supervising social worker) and others in the team.

We always get a prompt response when we call the office, and a call back or a visit as required. Our SSW visits us regularly for supervision.

G: We value the consistency of Nexus Fostering staff, too. We have had the same SSW since we started with Nexus Fostering and the team has remained consistent.

Communication is really good in all our dealings with them and if someone says they will do something, they are reliable, and they sort things out.

In our experience, they don’t differentiate between same sex couples and everyone else, everyone is treated the same.

Have you worked with any LGBT young people in your time as carers?

G: No, we haven’t. However, we have supported our children in understanding one of their biological family members, who was exploring their sexuality.

If you could describe fostering in 3 words, what would they be?

G & L: Rewarding, challenging and life changing!

What would you say to another LGBT person or couple who are thinking about fostering?

L: It has been special for us in so many ways. We have enjoyed silly things, like getting a Father’s Day card and a child bringing home a picture for us from school.

Do it, stick to it, it will change your life. For us it brought a new purpose and is so rewarding.

To find your local Nexus Fostering office, or register for a drop in event, please visit their website or call 0800 389 0143 for information.

Published in Fostering focus Meet the agencies on January 10, 2018