Who are our members?

Our members bring a diversity of experiences and perspectives to the group.

Almost half have been placed with children, and the remainder are either in the approval or matching process, or are considering adoption or fostering. Our youngest members are in their early twenties and the oldest in their sixties. There are slightly more male than female members, and a small number identify as transgender. Some live in urban areas, others in smaller towns or rural areas; some live on low incomes whilst others are higher earning professionals. Some adopt or foster on their own and others as a couple.

Our membership reflects a wide range of nationalities, ethnicities and cultural and religious backgrounds. For some their sexuality or gender is only a small aspect of their identity whilst others are politically active in this field. Most identify as gay or lesbian and some identify as bisexual or queer, whilst for others the latter term may be contentious. Some adopt or foster younger children whilst many adopt or foster ‘older’ children.

In short, our members have very diverse backgrounds, needs and views and New Family Social seeks to address all their needs in broad ranging ways. New Family Social doesn’t claim – or seek – to be the voice for all LGBT adopters and foster carers. We aspire to reflect a diversity of voices in our work with agencies, social workers, the media and other organisations.

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