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Joining New Family Social

You are welcome to join New Family Social if you are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) and:

  • are considering becoming a parent and wish to explore adoption and fostering
  • are going through the adoption or fostering process or
  • have already adopted, or are a foster carer

While we are supportive of all LGBT parents, NFS exists to meet the specific needs of those giving homes to children who have been in the care system, or are considering doing so. If your chosen route to parenthood is different (e.g. co-parenting, surrogacy, sperm-donation) you may find alternative groups to meet your needs here

After registering online you will have a welcome call with our membership secretary, Laurence. Your account will then be activated so that you can access our social network and other resources.


Membership of NFS costs £5 per month. Your contribution will help us to continue providing a safe, active support network for families, as well as working towards our other charitable aims. A 50% concession is available if you are have a low household income.

If you have an assessing agency which subscribes to NFS, your membership may be covered by them. Click here to check

Keeping safe - your promise

Confidentiality is essential in adopting and fostering. You must treat all information shared by other members (especially about their agencies or their children) as strictly confidential. Details that may seem inconsequential could have major repercussions if passed on without permission.

Keeping safe - our promise

When you join NFS we will collect information about your adoption or fostering journey, and basic details about any children you have (their gender and year of birth). This helps us to monitor our members' progress, and means we can make sure your membership is provided correctly if your agency subscribes to NFS. All of this information will be kept securely, and used purely to administer your account and build useful statistics. We will never share your information with any any third party, or use it in a way that could identify your family. Read more about how we use your information.

We also promise to do all we can to ensure your security in the members' area by carrying out checks for full members, and by helping you to network safely with clear systems and guidance.