Members’ ebulletin – 25 October 2018

A word from Tor

Halloween can be a disturbing time for many reasons – but nothing could have prepared adoptive parents for the shock of a seasonal ad campaign that launched last week, just as National Adoption Week was in full swing. Mobile operator GiffGaff released a short Halloween film that managed to demonise birth parents and adoptive parents, to an outcry from adopters, adopted people and others.

Thanks to our members alerting us, NFS was able – alongside other adoption support agencies – to exert pressure to get the campaign pulled. You can read more about how events unfolded on PR Week and also the thread on the members’ forum. The end result was good, GiffGaff responded quickly, removing the advert and apologising – and many families that could have been deeply upset by the campaign now won’t be.

Do keep letting us know in the future if you see something similar.

Wishing you and your family the very best for the fortnight ahead

Tor Docherty, Chief Executive


Volunteers – Scotland needs you!

If you live in Scotland and have ever wanted to see more events near you, then why not become its next voluntary regional co-ordinator? Huge thanks to @JJ79 who did sterling work and is passing the baton on. For more information on how you can get involved email

Where are you?

This is a serious question! Not because we want to stalk you, but because if you don’t set your location in your NFS profile the site will struggle to show you your nearest events, or if you search for other local NFS members none will display. Find out how to set your location on pages 8-9 of this easy-to-read guide.


Adoption activity day – East Midlands

Coram – an NFS member agency – will hold an adoption activity day in the East Midlands on 3 November, 2018. A large number of children are due to attend this event, including a variety of ages, ethnicities, single children and siblings.

Adopters can attend while in stage 2 of the assessment process or if they are already approved. Single adopters can attend with a member of their support network.

For more information visit the Coram website.


Research requests

Marginalised Families

The Marginalised Families Online project is looking for LGBT, solo, and/or adoptive parents who use the internet or mobile technology to connect with others. The project aims to explore the experiences of parents in diverse families across the UK, and to amplify the voices of underrepresented family groups. Could this be for you? Find out more at


Megan Howard

Megan Howard, a student at the University of Sheffield is writing a dissertation that explores the experiences of the adoption process had by gay and lesbian couples or individuals.

She is looking to conduct semi-structured interviews with LGB adopters. Her dissertation will have ethical approval from the University of Sheffield and she will take measures to ensure participants are not identifiable and have given full consent.

For more information email

Published in NFS news on October 25, 2018