How to assess a school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion – launch of new resource for parents & carers

Free Guide Offers a Practical Checklist to Assessing a State and Independent School’s Commitment to LGBT+ Inclusion (with children aged 3-18 in mind)


The P3 Network (P3) – in partnership with Diversity Role Models (DRM) – launches a free information resource for parents and carers to assist them in assessing a school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on 10 May. The first resource of its kind, Inclusion Matters provides background on English state and independent schools’ statutory obligations under the Equality Act 2010. It also explains how these schools are formally assessed on diversity by Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The guide shows how case law supports parents and carers having a voice in shaping a school’s commitment to diversity.

Written by educators, educational specialists, consultants, diversity practitioners and parents, it offers practical questions in an easy-to-use checklist format to help empower parents and carers to consider and discuss a school’s commitment to LGBT+ inclusion. But it isn’t just an LGBT+ resource.

The guide will be useful to non-LGBT+ parents or carers looking for an inclusive and diverse educational environment. If a school has been successful at LGBT+ inclusion, it will likely be successful at other strands of diversity (such as gender, race or religion) which have been part of the school curriculum for longer than sexuality.

You can network and toast the launch of Inclusion Matters and to get your own copy on Wednesday 10 May at 630pm at EY, 1 Moore London Place, London SE1 2AF.

Register for free tickets online.

Published in New resources News & media round-up on May 4, 2017