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Just wanted to share the good news that I became a Dad yesterday to a wonderful 5 year- old boy. He eventually moved in after two weeks of intros and is currently snoozing upstairs tucked-in under his Ben 10 bedspread and cuddling Bart Simpson.

It’s been a long journey and an emotionally draining one with absolute highs and some difficult moments. I am sure many on these threads will empathise from personal experience with this. However, his laughter, tricks and cuddles have made it all worth-while. I even just smile with wonder when, having packed everything up for a great day out, he says “I need a wee” within moments of leaving the house (and having just been to the loo 10 mins beforehand). Ah, the joys!

Yes, we are in honeymoon period and there might very well be some bumps in the coming months and years, but at this point in time I’m one very happy Daddy and the support of friends I’ve made through this organisation have made it a much smoother journey.

Anyway, off to bed for me. We’re going to a farm tomorrow and then off on a boat trip where we’ll practice our newly-learned pirate skills; eye-patches, parrots and cutlasses at the ready!



Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news. Happy days,
weeks and months ahead.

David and John


We have sat and read your wonderful news with tears in our eyes, tears of sheer joy at the love and excitement that comes across as you were writing.

Congratulations, have loads of fun and enjoy.

Ruby and Tia



Thanks for sharing your really special news with us. We’re much further back in the process than you and many others on here and it really helps to hear about the joy of little ones finally arriving.

Many congratulations

Lisa & Julie

Published in From our message board on February 22, 2010