Agency Membership Officer

26th November 2018
Background to the post The Agency Membership Officer is a new post at New Family Social - with the successful applicant joining the growing team at a pivotal time of change in adoption and fostering....

Adoption support in Wales

23rd July 2018
Regional collaboratives & local authorities In Wales the local authority adoption services work together in ‘regional collaboratives’. Some of these will be your first point of contac...

Adoption support in Scotland

23rd July 2018
Education support Looked after children have the same rights to extra support in school as other children. All children who are looked after are automatically assumed to have additional support needs...

Adoption support in England

23rd July 2018
There have been some recent developments in the support that’s open to adopters, separate to that provided in the tailored package you agree with your local authority at the time of adoption. Don’...

LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2017: Resilient, resourceful, remarkable families

15th December 2016
LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2017 - why it's needed

National Adoption Week 2017

10th October 2016
Find out how you can #SupportAdoption

1 in 12 adoptions now by same-sex couples (Pink News)

14th December 2015
  More same-sex couples than ever before in the UK are choosing to adopt children, data shows. The news comes from new figures published this week by the Department for Education. The ...

Find your nearest information event

6th November 2015
Hear from agencies that welcome LGBT people as potential parents

Adoptions by LGBT people increase in Wales & Scotland – members ebulletin 16/10/15

16th October 2015
Dear NFS member   While there's been little good news for LGBT prospective adopters recently, in the past week new figures published in Wales and Scotland show the number of adoptions to same-s...

NFS Adoption Survey

1st September 2015
We ask all our members to spare a few minutes to complete our online survey. We need your help!