Carmarthen foster carer shares story of working with Calon Cymru Fostering

‘I was approved after going to panel in May 2015 and within a fortnight I had my first foster child placed with me.

‘I have only had one placement so far, initially as a temporary placement whilst there were decisions being made regarding an application for a Special Guardianship Order. When this was withdrawn, the placement became long-term.

‘As a gay man, I have felt supported throughout the application process and as a foster carer. For the majority of the time my sexuality has been irrelevant, as it should be. I was single for the first two years as a foster carer but met my husband last summer and married him earlier this year. Calon Cymru have been very supportive throughout this time.

‘My mum and brother, and my husband, have been a huge support and have treated my foster child as part of their family too.

‘My mum was soon approved as my primary support, and she is always available if I’m not going to be home at the end of the school day due to other commitments.

‘I have also had constant support from my Supervising Social Workers over the years, who offer crucial advice and support. I have received a lot of training which helps keep things in context and helps create a better understanding of the challenges that we face.

‘If I were to speak to someone considering fostering with Calon Cymru, I would say if you have the space in your home, and you have patience, an open mind and empathy and can provide a secure and stable home, then apply.

‘You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and you will have lots of support from the fostering agency and other foster carers. You will be supported every step of the way through the application process, going to panel and when you have your foster child.’

Pete is part of South Wales independent fostering agency Calon Cymru Fostering. To learn more about them, visit their website.

Published in Fostering focus Meet the agencies on July 31, 2018