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As part of the matching process and for the panel we have been looking into getting some books for the littlies! So that we can promote diversity, we are dual heritage and the kids will also be dual heritage 4 and 5.

We have found some on Amazon and other sites such as; Daddy, Papa and me, The family Book, King & King (and family) and various others.

Has anybody else got these books or can they recommend any others.

Any help appreciated.



Todd Parr’s “We belong together” is my favorite!



Hi – we have King & King – I felt it was aimed at a slightly older age group.

Also, another book which sounds perfect for what you want is: One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads.

Hope this helps.


I second the recommendation for One Dad, Two Dads….if you can get a second hand one, do it as they’re out of print and a new copy is currently going for £104 on Amazon. I kid you not.

There’s one called Picnic in the Park, which is quite nice for showcasing every diverse family setup you can think of (in terms of ethnicity/gender/single parents & same sex parents /disability etc.)

The narrative isn’t all that – but the pictures are nice and good for the child who likes to point, discuss and generally use a book as a jumping off point.



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Published in From our message board on September 17, 2010