Providing a safe social network

Our first objective is to “promote the strength and happiness of our families through opportunities to help each other”

In October 2007, 20 families and prospective families met in London for the first “New Family Social” event. NFS is now widely recognised as the UK support group for LGBT adopters and foster carers, and:

  • Has a membership of over 1000 households across the UK
  • Provides support on behalf of 160 Local Authorities and independent agencies, who pay an annual subscription
  • Has 16 active regional groups, and a secure, busy online members’ area
  • Arranges national family events – approximately 300 people attend our 4-day summer camp every year

Some typical feedback from our members includes:

“This group is the best support we have found in this process”

“We find that it is beneficial for our son as he can see for himself that he is not the only child with two dads.

“I am not sure that we would have continued with our adoption process without NFS”

Our unique online network

Our social events

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