How NFS is run

NFS is a registered charity, and our direct beneficiaries are the families that make up our membership. Our members play an integral role in running the charity and deciding its direction.

NFS has some 2,500 LGBT members who are either starting the adoption/fostering process – or are now adoptive parents or are fostering. Our LGBT members can access our online members’ area and attend regional events. Members elect a board of trustees to govern the charity on their behalf.

NFS currently has eight trustees who are responsible for making sure the charity is run correctly and meets its aims.

Our philosophy is to protect our core services by keeping running costs low. By harnessing the help on offer from our members, and investing in effective systems, we operate with a small staff. You can find out who they are – and what they do – on our staff page.

Our team of regular volunteers play key roles in helping NFS to achieve its goals, by arranging events, providing peer-support, managing children’s profiles, distributing materials, coordinating media requests, connecting with other organisations and much more.

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Who are the people at NFS?