Widening the pool of new parents

Our third objective is to “make the benefits and reality of adoption and fostering known to all LGBT prospective parents”.

NFS is committed to finding more families for children in care, whether that is through fostering or adoption.  It is well known that there is a critical shortage of suitable adopters and foster carers in the UK, and the LGBT community represents a huge potential resource.  Coupled with the newly recognised strengths of lesbian and gay adoptive parents it is important that more should be encouraged to come forward.

Gay parenting is a high profile topic at the moment, but adoption and fostering tend to be over-shadowed by the more commercial (and therefore more promoted) parenting routes of surrogacy and sperm-donation.

With many LGBT people forming families, NFS aims to avoid any lost opportunities for the children waiting for new homes:

  • We run an annual, national campaign, LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week
  • Our helpline offers a friendly first-port-of-call
  • Anyone who is interested in adoption or fostering can join NFS for advice and encouragement
  • Our ongoing postcard campaign raises awareness within local communities
  • Our media work raises awareness in the print and broadcast media

LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week

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