Adoption activity day (Coram and Ricochet productions)

On 15 July, TV production company Ricochet will film an adoption activity day in the West Midlands for a sensitive and warm new series to be broadcast on Channel 4.

Small and non-invasive fixed cameras will capture that unique moment when prospective adopters and children first meet. Ricochet plans to film prospective adopters as they prepare for the day, as well as the event itself, and aim to follow up your stories.

Adoption agency Coram and Ricochet are highly experienced in dealing with complex issues and will provide support to all those participating.

The series will be produced with the welfare of the children and adopters central to the process. We look forward to your involvement in a truly unique and exciting Adoption Activity Day.


Are you a prospective adopter who’d like to share your story? If you’re interested in participating, are comfortable being filmed and want further information:


To attend this adoption activity day call Sally on 0207 520 0302 /

To find out more about the filming of this event call Cat on 01273 224 804 /

Published in Media & research requests on May 30, 2017