Adopter Voice Champions needed (Adoption UK)



Adopter Voice is a service provided by Adoption UK, the country’s largest adopter led community. Established to work with local authorities and regional adoption agencies, it contributes to and influences local change; as well as informing regional and national adoption leadership boards, and the Department for Education on policy improvements. By bringing the experiences of adopters together it aims to form a stronger alliance that’s able to inform decision and policy-makers creating a better life for adopted children and their families.


How can you get involved?

  • Online – register for the online forum for your region. Visit and you can register to take part in the online conversations, as well as receive updates on what’s going on in the region as a result of Adopter Voice, as well as details of forums and workshops. Keep in touch via through Twitter and Facebook.
  • Face to face forums/workshops – attend one of its forums/workshops. You’ll receive invitations for these through your local agency or via your online registration to Adopter Voice. Attending one workshop doesn’t commit you to having to attend every one.
  • Volunteer – regardless of how much time you feel you can give to Adopter Voice, it would love to hear from you. It depends on a pool of volunteers to be able to deliver the Adopter Voice service in each region. To find out more you can email direct at
  • Get the word out – we do need your help to be able to reach adoptive families in the region… please pass this flyer out within your own communities, the more voices we can bring together – the more we can achieve for adoptive children and families for the future.

Membership of Adoption UK isn’t required to be involved with Adopter Voice.


The future

Adopter Voice has influenced a number of local changes and – together with the local authorities it has worked with – it continues to influence changes by working with partners in the regional adoption agencies.
Its national coverage and influence means that Adopter Voice is respected by local, regional and national decision and policy makers. It wants to do more, and needs more support to make this possible.

For further information call Adoption UK on 01295 752 240 or email


Published in Meet the agencies on March 24, 2017