Lesbian couples who’ve adopted – research request

Lucy Kelsall-Knight, a senior lecturer in children’s nursing at The University of Wolverhampton is studying for a Professional Doctorate in Health and Wellbeing.  She’s been granted ethical approval from the University of Wolverhampton ethics committee to undertake research into lesbian parents’ experiences of accessing healthcare for their adopted children.  She is looking to speak to lesbian couples who’ve adopted to form the basis of her research.

You can find out more below and also by emailing L.Kelsall-Knight@wlv.ac.uk


The aim of the study 

The aim is to understand lesbian parents’ experiences of accessing and receiving healthcare for their adopted children.  There’s a lack of research in Britain concerning lesbian parents’ experiences of accessing healthcare services for their children – both biological and adopted.


Who can participate

Lesbian adoptive parents who accessed healthcare for their adopted children are  invited to participate in the study. The researcher aims to study approximately three couples. However, this is reliant upon response and may be open to flexibility throughout the study.


Do I have to take part?

The research is entirely voluntary. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to take part. If you decide to take part you’ll be given an information sheet to keep and asked to sign a consent form.  If you decide to take part you can withdraw at any time and without giving a reason.


What will happen if I decide to take part?

If you take part in the study, you’ll need to participate in three interviews via Skype.  The first interview is approximately 20 minutes in length, the second interview approximately 60 minutes and the third interview is approximately 20 minutes long.

The first interview will discuss the research and ask you to think about any critical incidents* that occurred when you have accessed and/or received healthcare for your adopted child/ren.

The interviews will be fairly informal and you’ll be encouraged to speak as openly and honestly as possible with the interview being tape recorded to allow the researcher to thoroughly digest the information obtained to analyse and transcribe following completion. As a lesbian adopter, the researcher is passionate about the topic and relies on the individuals involved in the research to give their honest experiences.

If you agree to participate you’ll be given a copy of the information sheet and signed consent form.


*Critical incidents are snapshots of something that happens to a patient, their family or nurse. It may be something positive, or it could be a situation where someone has suffered in some way.

Published in Media & research requests on October 8, 2018